15 Times Neighbors Made Life In The Neighborhood Much More Interesting And Enjoyable .

Living in close contact with other people, and moreover, strangers can be anything but easy. The relations with neighbors are often tense: we fight for bigger things like the most mundane. The schedules, rules, and needs of others must be respected. How many disputes have there been for the most trivial reasons? A lot, but neighborhood life is not always terrible: sometimes, even unconsciously, some people know how to liven up everyday life, make it more interesting and fun.. Internet users have shared the strange behavior of their neighbors: some are particularly funny, others absurd and still others frightening. There are the neighbors who walk around with parrots, those who turn their balconies into pirate ships, those who mysteriously decide to place a questionable statue in the garden. We’ve picked 15 photos and we’re waiting to hear about the strangest scene you’ve witnessed in your neighborhood.

#1. The neighbors gave this person, who has just adopted a kitten, a gift: “a support for the baby”

image credit: chasingadalia/imgur

#2. This turbine is very noisy and annoying: the neighbors have decided to fix it.

image credit: makenzie71/reddit

#3. The mailbox is broken and the neighbors have placed a microwave in its place.

image credit: Ophthalnurse/reddit

#4. The little boy rang at his door because he wanted to eat a banana.

image credit: imgur

After getting what he wanted, he left triumphantly.

#5. Above, a man’s balcony, below, a woman’s balcony: a small garden.

image credit: Ecclessis/reddit

#6. The neighbor waters the plant, placed in the back of his car.

image credit: EZ does/reddit

#7. This person looked out the window and saw this.

image credit: imgur

The dog brings toilet paper to the owners: you never get bored.

#8. Why is this statue in the neighbor’s garden?

image credit: moxieswagger/imgur

#9. Look closely, what do you see in the window?

image credit: reddit

Neighbors put on a scary mask, to scare anyone who tries to approach the house.

#10. Neighbors are attentive and loving people: they take their parrots for walks.

image credit: hamdangled/imgur

#11. The neighbors have transformed their balcony into a pirate ship.

image credit: DTIT1TD/reddit

#12. Why are there all these figures in the garden?

image credit: imgur

#13. Passing by the road, we can see the silhouette of a large dinosaur.

image credit: imgur

#14. A simple “no”, to make it clear that visitors are not welcome.

image credit: lapresdmididufaune/imgur

#15. The 90-year-old neighbor chose this strange scarecrow for his vegetable garden.

image credit: Muegra/reddit

Are you still convinced that neighborhood life is all about problems? It doesn’t take much to smile again: these people found it again by looking out the window at the garden next door.

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