Neighbor finds ‘alien’ object in their backyard that has the internet stumped

At times, individuals seek answers on the internet when they encounter peculiar things in their lives. And if they cannot find any information online, they rely on online communities for answers.

Continue reading to discover what this individual stumbled upon in their backyard, causing them to be perplexed…

The woman woke up and discovered something in her garden that puzzled her. She decided to search the internet for answers. The mysterious object had a skull shaped like an oblong and a slim body. It also had long, thin limbs resembling reeds where arms and legs would normally be.

The individual who stumbled upon the item initially believed it could be a mushroom but quickly dismissed that notion. Consequently, they sought suggestions from their friends. However, when their friends were also perplexed, they sought assistance from the online community of Reddit to find out what this item might be.

Initially, they shared their query in a mushroom experts and enthusiasts community, but nobody could identify it. They then guided the person to seek answers on the ‘Alien Bodies’ subreddit.

Regrettably, the individuals in that subreddit were also lacking in knowledge, although a few did share their theories.

A user named Ok-Bus-2410 quickly offered a word of caution, advising them to wear gloves and avoid direct contact. They mentioned it was a classic mistake from the X-Files.

Saw this on Reddit last night. A lady found this in her garden thinking it was a mushroom.😳Posted by WeRising Stories on Saturday, March 30, 2024

ButIcanollie11, another user, noticed something else interesting about the ‘alien’s’ body: “It has small breasts,” they mentioned.

No-Ability4674 observed that it resembled an alien fetus to them.

Some individuals believed the image could have been created using AI, but others highlighted specific details that would make it difficult for it to be an artificial image. The person who originally posted it, allthedimmerswitches, also made it clear that it was not an AI-generated image.

Then, it seems like someone had the idea that it might be a prop because there is a prop shop close to Calgard, UK, that sells similar props. Many people started to think it was a prop after that. But, some people remained unconvinced.

The object’s identity remained a mystery as no one could determine what it was.

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