My future-wife’s bridesmaid sent me this picture of my wife and I cancelled the wedding.

Jake and his future wife, Lily, were eagerly anticipating their wedding day. But as the day drew near, a combination of excitement and nervousness overwhelmed them. The mere idea of starting their life together filled their hearts with joy, making them the happiest couple in the world. Celebrating this special day, where they would finally say “I do” to each other, surrounded by their loved ones, only intensified their excitement even more.

Unbeknownst to him, Lily’s closest friend and bridesmaid, Megan, was secretly plotting a devious scheme. Megan had developed feelings for Jake and couldn’t bear to see him and Lily happy. Driven by jealousy, she attempted to sabotage their relationship by engaging in an act she believed would bring them misfortune.

Megan came up with a scheme a week before the wedding. She wanted to ruin their special day, so she purposely sent Jake a picture of Lily in her wedding dress. Her goal was to make him believe in bad luck. When Jake saw the photo, he was shocked and unsettled. He knew Megan had ulterior motives, but he couldn’t say anything to Lily because she was Megan’s best friend since they were kids.

Jake, overwhelmed by the feeling that a disaster was about to happen, made the difficult decision to cancel the wedding, afraid of the negative consequences of going against Megan’s superstition. Lily, completely heartbroken, found it hard to understand why Jake would suddenly call off their plans.

Lily, Jake, and Megan grew apart as time went by, their bond weakening due to mistrust and pain.

Version 1: After some time, Jake and Lily reconnected. They both agreed to give their relationship another chance and concentrate on recovering from the emotional aftermath of their canceled wedding. More than a year later, they emerged as a stronger and more deeply in love couple.

They chose to have a small wedding with just their families and a few close friends, without any superstitions or manipulative influences.

Meghan did not attend the wedding because she was no longer involved in their lives. Instead, Jake and Lily chose to be with people who truly wanted the best for them.

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