Mother welcomed her first child at the age of 66, This is their life today.

Becoming a parent is a life-changing moment that stays with you forever. You now have a special little person relying on you. Your role is to provide a nurturing environment and support them in achieving their aspirations.

In 2005, Adriana Iliescu made news globally when she became a mother at the age of 66.

Adriana’s joy knew no bounds when she welcomed her daughter Eliza into the world.

Now, after 17 years, the mother, who is now elderly, is once again in the limelight as new photos of her daughter are gaining significant attention…

There are certain days in life that have a profound impact. All parents can relate to the overwhelming joy of welcoming their child into the world.

The moment when you see your precious baby looking up at you for the first time is an unparalleled feeling.

In some cases, children are born with a significance that goes beyond the ordinary.

This was exactly the case for Eliza Iliescu, who made history when she was born in Romania in 2005. Thanks to her mother, she became a part of something extraordinary.

Adriana Iliescu, at the age of 66, became the world’s oldest mother, which gained significant media attention. Her daughter Eliza’s birth secured Adriana a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

In 2010, Adriana shared her thoughts on motherhood and addressed the criticism she faced for becoming a mother at an advanced age. Many people considered her selfish and too old.

“The mirror is unkind to women, but if we are talking about my energy then I feel like a young woman. I feel like I’m 27 and when I feel a bit more tired, I feel like I’m 37. I am healthier than women more than half my age,” she told Daily Mail.

“People jokingly call me granny, thinking they’re funny, but I don’t have Eliza to make me appear younger. I never feel old.”

In an interview with the British tabloid, 71-year-old Adriana mentioned her intention to have another child.

”Medically, it’s possible,” she said. ”I ­understand there are trials going on with a 70-year-old woman in England, so it could be done. I am fine and healthy and I think it would be possible to have another child in the future, but I’m not in a rush at the moment.”

Adriana and Eliza share a close bond like many mothers and daughters. Eliza is a cheerful and lively child. Despite some people commenting on Adriana’s age, she believes she is a dedicated parent who always puts Eliza first.

“I don’t smoke and I don’t drink. If I live as long as my parents did, Eliza will be 20 by the time I pass away. I think I still have a lot to give her,” Adriana says.

Adriana did not choose to become a mother at a later stage in life. When she was young and just married, Adriana Iliescu had to terminate her pregnancy due to medical reasons. At the age of 24, her husband left her. Following that, Adriana directed her attention towards different aspects of life and her teaching position at a university in Romania.

“I couldn’t even think about a child, as I was working,” she said and continued:

“But, from the age of 37, after I had ­completed my doctorate, I was ready to have a child. But there was not IVF back then.”

At 57 years old, Adriana tried in-vitro fertilization when it became an option in Romania. Unfortunately, her first pregnancy attempt in 2000 was unsuccessful.

Despite facing rejection from those who disapproved of her desire to become a mother, Adriana remained determined and never lost hope. Her unwavering will to fulfill her ambition was unshakeable.

After that, she sought treatment from Dr. Bogdan Marinescu in Bucharest, resulting in the birth of Eliza. Adriana was actually pregnant with triplets, but two of them passed away in the womb, leaving Eliza as the sole survivor. However, Eliza was born prematurely, requiring an extended stay in the NICU.

But before long, she had matured into a resilient young girl, and Adriana, who was deeply religious, desired to have her daughter baptized. Regrettably, numerous religious groups disapproved of Adriana becoming a mother at an advanced age. When Eliza was finally baptized, the nuns cast disapproving glances at Adriana, and one of them even referred to her as “the result of evil powers.”

Adriana states that Eliza is a blessing from above.

Adriana Iliescu today

In 2022, Adriana has been a mother for 17 years. Despite being mistaken for Eliza’s grandmother, they enjoy their time together. Adriana, an experienced mother, feels great both physically and mentally. She has a lot of love to offer, which is crucial for raising a child.

At 83 years old, Adriana continues to pursue her writing career. She has written over 25 books for children and maintains her health. Despite her appearance as a great-grandma, she still works part-time as a lecturer in Bucharest. Adriana has also ensured that Eliza’s future is secure.

Adriana made an agreement with the doctor that he will become the godfather and legal guardian of the girl if something happens to her. Adriana prefers to keep her family life private at the moment, but we do know that 17-year-old Eliza has aspirations to pursue higher education. Eliza is an accomplished student and is following her mother’s academic path.

Adriana struck a deal with the doctor to be the godfather and legal guardian of the girl if Adriana doesn’t make it. Adriana wants to maintain privacy about her family life, but we do know that 17-year-old Eliza has ambitions to study and go to college. Eliza is an award-winning student and is following her mother’s academic footsteps.

She appears to be outperforming many individuals in their mid-twenties and thirties. She is fully committed to her child without any interruptions. Her daughter seems extremely joyful, satisfied, and balanced, a lovely individual.

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