Mom leaves ‘baby’ in car while she shops at Target – promises others that he’s OK.

It is now easier than ever for something to go viral online. You can post or do something one day, and the next day, everyone is talking about it. Of course, there will always be people who judge your decision-making skills and say negative things.

Bonnie Engle, an influencer, recently shared a video on her Instagram that caught the eye of many for the ‘wrong’ reasons. In the video, she showed a sign in her car that said, “My baby is fine. He has his snacks and a drink! I’m at Target. I’ll be back soon!”.

Many people were eager to criticize her parenting without even watching the whole video. However, the video takes a surprising and amusing twist that is definitely worth mentioning.

Engle is actually not a bad mother, but rather a wife who enjoys playing tricks on her husband. Surprisingly, the “baby” she mentioned is actually her husband, who is sitting in the car and snacking while she runs errands at Target.

“Please no judgment. He is safe & well,”  Engle captioned her reel.

There were many people who found her clip funny so they took their time to comment on it.

My heart dropped and then I LMAO,” one wrote.

“It’s so much easier to leave them in the car,” another person said.

“For a second I was about to get really upset … I was not expecting that,” a third added.

Watch the video provided and tell us what you think.

This video aims to make us laugh, but it also serves as a reminder of the daily stress parents experience. Additionally, it emphasizes the importance of never leaving your babies or pets alone in a vehicle.

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