Mom Goes To Bathroom To Breastfeed Baby, Then Waitress Slips Note To Her Husband.

Jackie Johnson-Smith was enjoying a meal with her family at a pizza restaurant in Iowa when she was surprised by a random act of kindness.

She shared on Facebook, “I have breastfed three kids,” along with a picture of the dinner receipt. I have fed them in countless places, both private and public, during happy and tough times. Despite receiving many glances and stares, tonight erases all the negativity. Tonight was my initial experience dining at Fongs. I breastfed my fussy baby in the booth for some time before leaving the table early to prevent disturbing others in the dining area.

My partner got the bill from the server. I was overwhelmed and speechless. It was a great feeling, even though I shouldn’t be praised for simply feeding my child. The note ended with, “It’s amazing how women can support each other and uplift one another.”

Waitress Bodi Kinney expressed the importance of supporting each other in nursing our children to Des Moines’ KCCI 8 News.

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