Middle schooler has her back-to-school picture photobombed by an unexpected guest

A young girl in Auburn, Alabama, had an unexpected visitor while posing for a school photo.

Brooke Mills, the student mentioned, was starting seventh grade and capturing a photo to remember the end of summer and mark the beginning of a new school year.

ShaneJoy Mills, her mother, was the one capturing the photo.

Returning to school after a break is often a special occasion. It signifies the end of summer and the beginning of a new academic term, often accompanied by a new grade level or new classes.

Parents also find this day significant. For parents of older children, it is an emotional experience to witness their little ones taking on more responsibility and becoming more independent.

During my childhood, my mom would always capture a photo of me on my first day of school. At that time, it felt bothersome and sometimes embarrassing.

However, now that I reflect on it, I understand the reason behind her actions. It is a wonderful way to commemorate the growth and accomplishments of your children. Additionally, it serves as a precious memory of their initial day at school, which can be cherished in the future.

But when ShaneJoy Mills, the mother, took a picture of her middle schooler Brooke Mills for back-to-school, she ended up getting more than she expected…

Initially, she failed to detect any abnormalities or peculiarities. At a quick glance, the snapshot of 7th grader Brooke Mills for the start of the school year appears particularly adorable. However, upon closer inspection of one of the pictures, her mother was astounded.

“Lord, it was scary! I got two pictures and said ‘show your teeth please, baby!’ Then I saw the snake,” Mills told WRBL. 

“I said ‘Brooke come here’ and she looked at me like I’m not done taking pics! So I said ‘Brooke get away from the tree now.’ I said it calmly, but I’m sure my face said it all.”

The snake, which seemed to have just eaten, perfectly camouflaged itself with the tree bark and was hardly visible. It was not easily recognizable. People commenting on the Facebook post of the incident identified it as a rat snake.

The post has been shared many times. Thankfully, the only thing this snake wanted to do was pose for this surprising back-to-school photo!

Brooke is lucky that a friend wanted to go with her to 7th grade. It seems like he was as nervous as she was.

Tell us your thoughts on what you would do if you were in the mother and daughter’s situation. Share your opinions in the comments section!

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