Meet the world’s dirtiest man who did not shower for 67 years – his reason is shocking.

There are billions of people in the world, and many of them lead lives that are completely different from ours. This is the tale of a man who lived a very unique life.

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Showering or bathing is a common practice in many cultures. Although opinions vary on how often one should shower each week, the consensus is that regular hygiene is important.

Amou Haji had a unique perspective. He chose to go without taking a shower for 67 years. The late Persian man had his own valid reasons for this decision.

Amou Haji, a hermit from Iran, went without bathing for more than 60 years. He ate roadkill and smoked animal dung from a pipe.

He came from Dez Gah village in Iran and was believed to be born in 1928. Although his actual name was a mystery, locals called him ‘Amou Haji,’ meaning ‘old man.’

He is rumored to have become a hermit due to a heartbreak he experienced. He was said to have lived in a simple home made of cinderblocks on the edge of the village, and the people didn’t pay much attention to him.

He only cared about his appearance when his hair and beard grew too long, so he would burn them off with fire. His skin and hair were both the same shade of gray.

He managed to live an impressive 94 years, and despite his questionable cleanliness, people believed he remained quite healthy throughout his life.

The old timer was thought to be afraid of water, but he actually drank up to 5 liters a day from a dirty tin can.

He had a peculiar eating habit. Instead of accepting fresh food offered by people, he would rather scavenge for his own. His favorite was porcupine, and he didn’t mind eating it raw, regardless of how old or rotten the meat appeared.

Additionally, he possessed a pipe in which he would smoke animal waste. There were also rumors circulating that he enjoyed smoking cigarettes and there was even a photograph of him smoking several at once.

Despite his poor hygiene and unhealthy diet, he surprisingly lived a long life. He passed away at 94, shortly after finally agreeing to bathe thanks to the villagers’ persuasion.

Dr. Gholamreza Molavi from Tehran University of Medical Sciences School of Public Health performed tests on the elderly man before he died. To their surprise, they discovered that he was in good health despite his lifestyle.

Despite his fondness for eating roadkill, he had contracted trichinosis, a parasitic food-borne disease. Surprisingly, it did not have any significant impact on his health.

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