Medicine teacher says aliens have been on Earth for a long time.

Are there really aliens ? How far are they from us? Have they ever reached our planet or will they one day? These questions have been chasing each other, in the human population, for a very long time, without however having yet found certain answers . Many argue that we can not think we are the only intelligent beings that populate the universe, while others still argue that these creatures may already be among us, without our knowledge. This hypothesis is endorsed by an esteemed American professor , who stated that aliens have been on Earth for some time now.

Theories on the real existence of aliens abound: most of them embrace the idea that yes, other civilizations endowed with intelligence exist in the cosmos, but they are so distant from us as to make it impossible to reach each other, or that they are so developed compared to us to be considered useless to approach.

Garry Noal , professor at the Stanford University School of Medicine, America, declares himself absolutely certain  of the existence of extraterrestrials, but above all of the fact that they have already landed on Earth. The man, who has collaborated with US government projects involving UFOs , publicly shared his beliefs during “The Pentagon, Extraterrestrial Intelligence and Crashed UFO” conference: “I think they have an advanced form of intelligence that uses some sort It’s not like they walk among us wearing a leather suit. They give us some sort of IQ  test . Not only have they visited us, but they’ve been here a long time.”

According to Nolan, the aliens would be observing those who, among human beings, are able to identify them by observing details. “I’m not worried about them coming to raid or taking our women and children. It’s not my concern . My concern is what we’ll do.”

In recent years, the search for evidence of alien life has regained momentum. A team of California scientists predicts that extraterrestrials could contact us in 2029. According to NASA , one of Jupiter’s moons, Europa , may have a deep ocean under its ice sheet. Since life on our planet developed independently of contact with sunlight , its waters could also contain rather evolved forms of life.

What do you think of the professor’s words? Do you believe that aliens exist or could really be hiding among us?


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