Marine guard ignores little boy, then people notice what he does with his left hand.

Established in 1947 by Major Bill Hendricks, a reservist, Toys for Tots is a program organized by the US Marine Corps Reserve. It provides toys to kids from families who can’t purchase gifts during the holiday season.

This program aims to gather and give out new, unwrapped toys to underprivileged children during the Christmas season.

The Foundation gives the direction, financial aid, and assistance necessary for prosperous annual toy collection and distribution efforts.

In 1997, the program released one of the most stunning commercials we’ve ever watched.

Every year during Christmas, many people share this commercial to spread the holiday cheer.

A young boy holding a piece of paper walks up to a Marine and questions him about being Santa Claus.

The Marine remains motionless as he focuses on his duties, ignoring the boy trying to speak to him.

The boy repeats his question and gives the guard a piece of paper, revealing it to be his Christmas wish list, in hopes of his wishes coming true this year.

Much to everyone’s surprise and joy, the guard opens his hand and takes the boy’s list without looking at him.

The ad aims to highlight the significance of Toys For Tots’ mission. It serves as a reminder that some kids may not receive any gifts, and that we all have the power to positively impact a child’s life.

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