Many Tourists Use To Put A Glass On The Handle: What Is Its Function?

Travelling, especially when it comes to a holiday dedicated to leisure, should be synonymous with relaxation and carefreeness . However, to ensure that this is truly the case, it is necessary to take some precautions and pay attention to a series of factors that could compromise the serenity of the experience. Leaving and enjoying your stay without unexpected events is what we all hope for and, to make it possible, it is advisable to try to prevent some unpleasant episodes. So here are 14 tips that you can put into practice for a peaceful and above all safe trip.


Whatever the travel destination , during your stay you can run potential risks which, with some precautions, can be avoided or at least limited . For your personal safety, it is a good idea to find out how to move and behave well before departure, to avoid unpleasant situations, such as losing documents or being stolen.

By following these 14 travel tips, you will spend your holiday more peacefully and relaxed, wherever you may be in the world.

Good habits to adopt while traveling


⦁ 1. First of all, when checking in at the hotel, avoid saying your name or other sensitive information out loud to avoid hearing anyone other than the staff.
⦁ 2. Preferably choose a room located between the second floor and the fourth: the ground floor , in fact, lends itself much more to external incursions .
⦁ 3. When you leave the room, make sure you cover the peephole hole with something: if upon your return you realize that it has been removed , ask for the room to be replaced immediately.
⦁ 4. When you return, check that the safety locks and the stops on the doors and windows have not been tampered with : the cleaning staff could open them and forget to close them again.


⦁ 5. Avoid bringing expensive clothes and valuables with you if they are not necessary. They could be safer in your home and you won’t risk losing them. ⦁ 6. When you leave the room, place the ” do not disturb ” sign, so as to mislead and discourage any thieves.  7. Place your wallet and document holder in a plastic wrap , so as to protect them from humidity and rain.


8. Don’t use the safe you will find in the room: it is in fact the first place where anyone who intends to steal will look. Instead, ask the hotel staff if it is possible to store your belongings elsewhere.
9. If you have any allergies , remember to learn to write and pronounce the name of the substance or food you need to avoid in the language spoken where you are.
10. If you use ATMs, do not leave your ATM receipt in plain sight . Bring it with you to prevent anyone from finding out your private information.

11. Put a glass in the door handle before sleeping: if someone comes in, the noise the glass will make once it falls to the floor will wake you up.
12. Find out about local public transport timetables , which may vary during holidays or at night. 13. Make a photocopy of your documents and send it to your same email address. If you lose the originals, it will be much easier for you to obtain replacements more quickly. 14. Download all the smartphone applications you need, such as those related to language translation , which can work even without wifi . In fact, it is not certain that the internet is available or free in every area.

Do you find these travel tips useful ? Have you ever had any unpleasant experiences during a stay?

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