Man Sits On Empty Flight And Is Furious When One Person Came In And Sat Down.

Traveling by plane is usually convenient, but many people have faced challenges while flying. Watching online videos can show you that issues can arise during flights.

If you refuse someone a seat that isn’t theirs or if your baby is crying, chances are you’ll become a popular video on TikTok. While some of it may seem trivial, we’ve been witnessing these situations for years. However, there is one individual who shared something on social media that has sparked conversations.

On February 13, Anthony Thomas, a chef, surprised many people when he posted a selfie on Twitter. He was sitting in a window seat at the front of a Southwest flight.

In the picture, you can spot a different traveler on the same side of Iowa’s Thomas, but they are sitting eight rows behind and by the opposite window. Apart from that, there was a third passenger on the plane, but it was mostly empty.

The third passenger’s choice to sit right behind Thomas upset many people, even though the plane was empty and seats were available anywhere.

Thomas left the caption: “Imagine having the luxury of boarding a flight with only two passengers on it.

“Of all the seats on the flight, look where he decided to sit.”

The comments about X were filled with individuals who were astonished by what they witnessed. There were a combination of comments expressing disbelief, as well as those that had a lighthearted tone, even though they strongly disagreed with the man’s choice of seating.

Surprisingly, there were others who supported the man sitting behind him, suggesting that he might have been feeling anxious and simply wanted to be close to someone else.

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