Man Shows His Superpowers When He Sees A Hockey Puck Flying Towards A Young Boy’s Head.

If you’ve never been to an ice hockey game before, it’s definitely worth it. There’s so much excitement and you might even get the chance to be a hero.

Andrew Podolak was having a good time watching a game at the Cleveland Monsters hockey match when suddenly danger struck, and he ended up being a hero.

Nir, a 4-year-old, was sitting close by when a stray hockey puck suddenly came flying towards them. Andrew instinctively reacted and managed to block the puck, saving the little boy from getting hit.

The incident may not have received much attention, but it was recorded on video and then posted on social media. A witness mentioned that the child seemed to be with their guardian angel.

The little boy’s mother, Asia Davis, expressed her gratitude for the kind act on TikTok. She shared a detailed account of the incident, which quickly gained popularity and helped locate the man responsible.

The hockey team was grateful for his quick reflexes. The Cleveland Monsters invited him to a game and they did a ceremonial puck drop. Asia and her son got to thank Andrew in person at the game.

You can watch the video below to learn more about the incident.

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