Loyal Dog Doesn’t Abandon His Best Friend Even In The Fearsome Washing Machine

The relationship of animals with household appliances is not very good. They are usually afraid of him and prefer to stay away. However, a loyal dog is so attached to his stuffed friend that he won’t part with the washing machine. Here you can find out all the details about how the story unfolded.

This loyal dog always stayed near the washing machine to wait for his friend

Just as children and people in general feel attached, so did Habs. That’s the name of the sweet cocker spaniel dog . Who lives in Kansas with her owner Jacqueline Estey. She had a beautiful huge teddy bear before she had Habs.

However, since Habs came to the family , he became attached to this stuffed animal . In fact, he never took his eyes off her. He also did not allow anyone to take the bear because he would chase him until he got him to let go. The bear became the dog’s best friend.

After some time passed, it was necessary to wash the bear. However, the dog refused to leave his friend behind him. So she went to the washing machine to wait for him. He didn’t move away from there for a minute. Although he has a phobia of the washing machine. This showed what a good friend he is.

Its owner was amazed to see how she kept waiting for the stuffed animal at all times. She eagerly watched her teddy of hers go round and round. She just wanted him to get out of there. She thought that her friend was trapped in that machine.

The wait was worth it

Finally, the washing machine cycle ended. There was Habs waiting for his bear friend From him. He was happy when he finally saw him get out of there. So he went back to having fun with the bear. However, that night Habs woke up and suddenly ran to the washing machine.

Apparently it was a nightmare. Maybe he thought his friend was still stuck there and needed help. Jacqueline had to open the washing machine so that Habs would be calm and go back to sleep.

This loyal dog is a great example to all. He was brave despite his phobia, also patient and the best friend in the world. Share in your networks to give Habs the best recognition. Enjoy the details in the following video.

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