Logical Challenge, Which Container Fills Completely First?

Testing yourself is a fundamental aspect of life. Everyone tries to take on new challenges on a daily basis, but many people particularly enjoy games because they see them as a challenge against themselves and against time, a way of testing themselves. Solving the puzzles only increases self-esteem and makes you feel smart. When it comes to math questions, they use their ingenuity to find the solution, but in the case of visual tests, the secret is to look at the picture without getting distracted. In this case, it’s a test of logic, and all you have to do is pay attention to each item. Will you be able to give the correct answer?

The image shows a faucet that has to fill several containers connected by pipes. Each container has a number, the goal being to find which will fill up first . Some try to solve the riddle in their head, they look at the picture and carefully follow all the pipes trying to analyze which container the water will reach first, but more importantly which one will fill to the brim first. The answer does not seem so obvious because it is believed that there is an important reasoning behind it, but it is enough to analyze and observe the image carefully. In these cases, you have to take the time you need and not think about rushing, because haste leads nowhere, but on the contrary to confusion.

Were you able to find the correct answer? If not, don’t worry, we’ll reveal the solution to you. Just analyze it. There is no time limit, take it easy, haste only leads to error.

Look carefully at the picture, this is the trick that will allow you to determine which container will fill up first. If you look closely at container number one, you will see that the water only goes to container number 3, then to container number 6. This is because the pipes to tanks 2 and 7 are closed. The answer is therefore clear: the first container that fills is the 6 .

Were you able to answer the question correctly?

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