Little Boy Doesn’t Want To Share His Pencils For One Hidden Reason.

As parents, we always strive for the best for our children. We do everything possible to raise them as responsible and well-rounded individuals. Sometimes, this requires us to think outside the box and be innovative.

Sending our children off to school can be particularly challenging. They often face immense stress, making it hard for them to resist negative emotions.

A teacher named Amanda Cox noticed the issue her students were facing, and she tried her best to be a positive role model. However, teachers rely on parents to contribute as well, and a young boy demonstrated how dedicated his mother was to supporting him.

Cox discovered the situation when she realized she had very few pencils left. She requested the students in her class to take out the pencils they had, and they complied.

One student frequently brought pencils from his mother and requested the teacher’s permission to keep them. The teacher granted his request.

The student finally chose to share a few of his pencils. Cox went to sharpen the pencils, and that’s when she discovered his hidden surprise. His mother had been writing on the pencils and giving them to her son for school.

The teacher was moved when she witnessed the mother’s actions and requested to see the remaining pencils. What she observed touched her deeply.

Below are the statements made by the pencils in case you are unable to read them in the picture.

you are so talented

this will be a great year

you are creative

you are phenomenal

never give up

you can do this

you are very knowledgeable

you are a math whiz

you are intelligent

proud of you every day

I love you!

you have a brilliant mind

you are wonderful

you are a problem solver

follow your dreams

you are perfect

I love you!

I am proud of you

you will change the world

you are amazing

you are the best

you are important

The teacher was impressed by what she saw and chose to post the story on Facebook. It would be great if all students could read such encouraging messages from their parents.

She said: “This probably took his mom a few minutes to do but lit up his whole day at school. He wasn’t embarrassed that his mom wrote on his pencils. Thanks to his mom, he was reminded of his self-worth and wanted to share the same feeling with his classmates.”

She mentioned that parents are likely the sole source of important information for children. This particular moment highlighted why she enjoyed teaching so much.

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