Liquid Cats: 15 Photos Show They Can Adapt To Any Shape.

Cats are considered the most independent, and often less affectionate, pets than dogs. This is partly true: they like to have their own space and show their affection and joy in different ways. Cat owners have come to know their felines over time and know that there is very little that can make them happy – just give them food and a place to sleep. Although many of us strive to find the perfect couchette, cats often prefer to rest in the most unusual places.: they manage to squeeze into vases, sinks, boxes, drawers, and even car trunks. No space is too small, too rectangular, or too angular for them: Cats can adapt to any shape, like liquid water, and these 15 photos prove it.

#1. It has entered the vase and, despite the tufts of hair coming out of it, it looks very comfortable.

image credit: grichardson526/reddit

#2. He explores the bowl again to find the correct position.

image credit: cleo475/reddit

#3. Even in the iron basket used to hold the fruit.

image credit: ludajak/reddit

#4. Yes, it got tucked away in the car’s rack.

image credit: Puppyismycat/reddit

#5. Cats love boxes, no matter how small or narrow they are.

image credit: sepp_the_siberian/Instagram

They will always find a way to get in and rest comfortably.

#6. It doesn’t matter if the tail stays a little outside: the glass container is perfect.

image credit: thinkadinky/imgur

This allows him to rest but also to observe what is happening around him.

#7. He took a perfect donut shape.

image credit: reddit

This basket had been placed there for other purposes, but the cat decided to make it his own and use it for his naps.

#8. Even in the rectangular drawer: no doubt, cats have a liquid form.

image credit: cakes1todough1/reddit

#9. In a small cylindrical container. The master has no more doubts: his cat can enter anywhere.

image credit: sUBzERoo/reddit

#10. He sleeps blissfully in the small sink.

image credit: TheFunckyMonk/reddit

#11. A cat with a perfectly rectangular shape.

image credit: cosplayerkyo/reddit

#12. Cats are also very gifted contortionists.

image credit: ndf99/reddit

#13. He managed to fit perfectly into the glove compartment of the car.

image credit: NKDVDawg/reddit

#14. He seems very satisfied with his camouflage abilities.

image credit: filetitan/reddit

After looking at these photos, we have no further doubts: cats manage, with an unexpected ability, to adapt perfectly to any container, even the most seemingly uncomfortable.

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