Fantastical Life-Size Forest Sculptures Are Made Out Of Woven Rods Of Willow Bt An Artist

One of the most ancient forms of art in the history of mankind is Basket-weaving. They use natural materials together for the whole weaving process, forming various kinds of vessels and many more. Anna and the Willow, a British sculptor, have added a little modern twist on this technique with a touch for this ancient craft. She has created outdoor sculptures with nature using rods of willow.

Anna first began working with willow 10 years ago. Then she took a sculpting course over one weekend. Reminding of her experience, she says:

“Working with a natural material opened up a new world, and I consequently went on to learn the different techniques of basketry. I enjoy using the traditional skills of basketry and adding my own flair to the process.”

She creates all kinds of baskets and also gifts. She also has done some works that are out of this world. In order to create an outdoor sculpture, she has thorough planning, with sketches she draws by hand. Anna then renders them from bespoke steel frames. And then she wraps the frames with interwoven willow rods, layers of them showing all their fantastic forms.

The Huntress of Skipton Castle Woods is among the priceless outdoor sculptures of Anna and the Willow. It’s a 9-foot figurative sculpture depicting a woman that’s shooting a bow and arrow. Woodland is the setting. It’s like growing from beneath the forest. It seems so real that you might think it will come to life any second.

Anna also creates animal sculptures which are in life-size. There’s a horse and a stag that appear as if they’re just frozen while surveying the whole landscape.

You can see Anna’s more creations on Instagram. You will want to get your own willow works started or join Anna’s workshops at her studio which is in North Yorkshire, England.

A British Sculptor, Anna And The Willow Makes Striking Outdoor Sculptures Out Of English-Grown Rods Of Willow.

First She Planned With Hand-Drawn Sketches Before Being Rendered From Bespoke Steel Frames.

Then She Wraps Them With Layers Of Interwoven Willow Rods, Revealing Their Awe-Inspiring Forms.

Source: Anna & the Willow
Source: Anna & the Willow

They Look As Though They Have Grown From The Forest Floor When Placed Among Nature.

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