Kind Lady Saves a Baby Deer Sleeping Under a Tire By Leaving Note.

In our part of the US, it’s important to regularly check the space around and under your car to make sure no animals have turned it into their home. When a kind-hearted lady noticed a baby deer sleeping under someone else’s car tire, she chose to step in.

A lady posted on Facebook to alert the driver about a baby deer sleeping under a tire, and the post became popular.

The comments were sincere and sometimes funny. Joshua Kevin Nye’s comment has received the most likes up to now.

You know it was an elderly woman, but how? Why, if you saw her, didn’t she just write a message instead of telling you there was a blasted deer under the tire? I’m looking for clarification!

Another comedian shared their wish that the driver knew how to read. I guess you can’t always assume that based on how some people drive.

Cyntha Atkinson was one of the compassionate people who appreciated the woman’s gesture.

Thank you for leaving the note, kind woman.

Thanks, Cyntha. It’s truly inspiring to see people who decide to make a difference instead of just going about their daily lives.

Did you consider staying alive, leaving a message, or trying to coax the deer out from beneath the car?

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