Jojo Siwa Gets Mercilessly Roasted On Disturbing SNL Skit.

Saturday Night Live has been a famous show on TV for a long time. You might remember watching it back in the day with stars like Eddie Murphy, John Belushi, and Chevy Chase.

Saturday Night Live still entertains many, but sometimes they go too far. Chloe Fineman recently poked fun at JoJo Siwa on the show, alongside Colin Jost.

Upon arrival, she appeared extremely enthusiastic and managed to pull off a pretty good impression. She exclaimed, “You got it, Colin; I’m a rebel now!” She then elaborated on her transformation, comparing it to switching from sparkles to black sparkles.

Chloe mentioned she resembled a figure skater in a street gang, while the cohost thought she looked like Mad Max on Broadway.

He admitted that the appearance of a former child star frightened him, but not in the way she prefers.

She surprised everyone by taking out candy cigarettes and announcing that she now does cigarettes. Furthermore, she claimed to have created a new genre called ‘gay pop’.

She later returned to apologize for that specific remark.

Ultimately, the 3 1/2 minutes of awkward humor fell flat for most individuals, lacking the expected amusement. Numerous individuals expressed their displeasure, criticizing the comedian for mocking a celebrity who was significantly younger. Additionally, there were calls from some to cancel Saturday Night Live altogether.

Watching this will be quite intriguing. It occurs occasionally on Saturday Night Live, with varying outcomes.

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