Japanese Fashions So Absurd You’ll Struggle To Believe They’re Real.

The fashions spread in distant countries rarely end up affecting other parts of the world, but in the case of Japan we Westerners can say that we almost go looking for them. In fact, we know that despite preserving their strong spiritual and Zen component, large Japanese cities are also centers where modernity and extravagance can easily surpass those of other countries. And even if we consider them absurd, the fashions that arise in the land of the Rising Sun cannot help but arouse curiosity!

1. A new way to carry your backpack…


Not with shoulder straps, but positioned in the center of the chest: “Very comfortable and sexy”, declared one of the first girls who joined this trend.

2. “Decorate” style clothing.


It takes a style developed in Japan in the nineties and enriches it with details that make the overall look very colorful and childish.

3. “Ganguro” fashion.

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This type of fashion, in vogue in the 2000s but still used by some subcultures, is kitsch: the clothes are showy and brightly coloured, the skin is very tanned, the make-up is heavy and the hair is styled in a voluminous way and with eccentric colours.

4. Shironuri.

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It is fashion that sees make-up as the main element, in particular the face made completely white. The associated clothes can recall the Victorian style or traditional Japanese clothing, the important thing is that the face is as waxy as possible.

5. The facial gymnastics mask.


Facial skin care is considered essential by most Asian women and one way to ensure that it does not give in prematurely to the appearance of wrinkles is to use masks like this.

6. The tool for “gymnastics” of the mobile eyelid.


The few women who don’t resort to plastic surgery to broaden their gaze can opt for tools like this that promise to have “European” eyes with a bit of constant training.

7. A typical example of Chindōgu.


With this term the Japanese indicate all those gadgets that are said to have been invented to solve the most widespread problems but which in reality are totally useless. Here you see the example of the mask which should allow you to apply lipstick perfectly.

Which of these absurd fashions did you already know? Which one do you think is the funniest and which one is the craziest?

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