Japan Is The Kingdom Of Extravagance, 16 Situations That Remain Etched In The Memory Of Those Who Visit It.

If you happen to go to Japan for the first time, you may find yourself very confused. Not only because the language and writing will make it very difficult for you to orient yourself in the cities, but because here you will find totally foreign situations.

In Japan, there are decidedly extravagant services for citizens, but you will convince yourself that they are incredibly useful and ingenious. Below, we have collected 16 circumstances that you may encounter in the Land of the Rising Sun

1. In the cold season, in various places, including places where there are children’s games, these stoves are positioned to warm the visitors.

2. Near the platforms there are yellow stripes that indicate exactly when the train doors are open: travelers arrange themselves here to enter in order.

3. Automatic sale of fresh vegetables and fruit.

4. Family bicycles: To encourage bike use, there are these models for one adult and two children.

5. Living next to a construction site is not at all annoying: the intensity of the noise is constantly measured.

6. The green line on the roads indicates the route taken by students to go to school: maximum attention must therefore be paid.

7. To carry large or heavy purchases, stores provide handles to better hold the bags.

8. Every taxi driver has his own seat cover.

9. Airport workers greet the departing plane.

10. In this place it is possible to eat meals while petting cats.

11. In restaurants you can request a basket to store your bag and keep it near the table.

12. You can buy shirts almost anywhere.

13. In Japanese supermarkets, the arrangement of goods is periodically changed: there is a map on the trolleys to help you orient yourself and find what you need.

14. Students on a trip can leave their backpacks in the station’s luggage room, without having to fear that someone will steal them.

15. It is not burnt bread, but bread made from bamboo charcoal.

16. Things you can only see in Japan!

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