Jane Seymour, 72, shows off twin sons she gave birth to aged 44 – “handsome men”.

Jane Seymour is known for her elegance, skill, and ageless charm in show business. With a successful acting career, the 72-year-old has impressed audiences with her outstanding talent for many years.

Apart from being a famous Hollywood figure, Seymour is also a writer and a devoted mother.

She has successfully faced the difficulties and happiness of being a mother, which includes the special journey of raising twin boys.

Seymour has been married and divorced four times. She is the mother of Katherine, 41, and Sean Flynn, 38, from her marriage to David Flynn. She also has twin sons, John Stacy and Kristopher Steven, 27, from her marriage to filmmaker James Keach.

Journey to motherhood

Seymour faced challenges on her path to becoming a mother. She revealed to People that after two miscarriages from in-vitro fertilization, she and her then-husband almost gave up. But at 44, her third pregnancy was a success, and she welcomed twin sons, John and Kristopher.

The boys were born prematurely, six weeks early through an emergency C-section because of pre-eclampsia. As a result, the twins encountered difficulties right from the beginning. The pregnancy and birth were full of dangers, and Seymour and the twins barely avoided a terrible fate. During an interview with Loose Women, she shared, “I nearly died having them, and the babies nearly died.”

I never expected both of you to grow into such amazing, caring, and skilled people! 😊 Everything changed in my life when…

Seymour has always been grateful for taking that chance, saying: “I’m really happy I had them.” The twins’ early arrival required careful monitoring in their first days. Seymour shared that both boys had health problems, and Johnny even turned blue twice after coming home from the hospital.

The twins were taken back to the hospital to have their breathing, swallowing, and sucking checked. Seymour was dedicated to ensuring her twins’ well-being.

She decided to prioritize being there for her children, bringing them with her during filming. As the twins grew, they grew closer and formed a strong bond. Seymour mentioned that they enjoyed sleeping together in the same crib and eventually in the same bed.

It’s unbelievable that 25 years have passed since these boys came into my life, they’ve grown into such…

Fans love Jane Seymour’s sons

Seymour recently posted a touching photo of herself with her grown twin sons. Her fans noticed that the boys have become tall and attractive, towering over her. Many admirers left affectionate comments, complimenting Jane and praising the boys’ handsomeness.

Others joined in, saying: “Two good-looking guys! And a lovely mother!” The compliments kept coming with remarks such as “Good-looking sons!” and “Your sons are good-looking.”

The love continued to pour out with comments like: “You three are so beautiful!” and “They resemble their father. Such handsome men.”

Quality time with Kris and Johnny! 🥰

Seymour’s experience as a mother to twins, with its difficulties and successes, demonstrates the power of a mother’s love.

Despite her tall and attractive twin sons standing beside her, she still finds joy in being a parent and believes in the everlasting strength of love.

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