If you’ve spotted a blue line painted on the street, here’s what it signifies.

Every driver understands the significance of adhering to road markings. Disregarding them can be extremely risky and may result in serious consequences. Residents in certain parts of the U.S. might see a new road marking soon: a thin blue line between the two yellow center lines on the road.

This blue line is being painted on roads all over Maryland to pay tribute to the brave police officers who protect their communities. It also serves as a safety precaution, guiding people straight to the police station.

It is a kind act to show appreciation for the sacrifices made by police officers who risk their lives daily.

Ocean City, Maryland has recently incorporated blue lines on their roads, which Mayor Rick Sheehan is thrilled about. He understands the importance of these police officers in maintaining peace between the elderly residents and the young partygoers in the beautiful beach community.

A blue line has been added to the yellow road divider lines on 65th street in Ocean City, directing towards the Ocean City Police Department. Let’s hope other towns follow suit and paint blue lines in their communities too!

Nowadays, police officers don’t receive the respect and appreciation they deserve. It’s important to show them how much we care.

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