If You Spot These Mysterious Black Dots In Your Kitchen, Here’s What To Do.?

A mother took to Facebook to ask for help after finding black droppings in her house. She shared pictures of the strange black specks on her wall and skirting board on a Mrs. Hinch fan page, seeking guidance.

Anyone have any idea what this is ? ” She asked. “Just appeared this last week or so on the skirting board in my dining room, also bits on the wallpaper and the floor which gets mopped every day! It’s not bumpy, it looks like some sort of paint splatter but it isn’t.She continued.

Followers came back with a common answer – Spider Poo

Mrs. Hinch fans quickly stepped in to help, stating with certainty that the marks were definitely from spiders. A user commented. It happens a lot this time of year, spiders pooing everywhere, Dettox spray is good for it.” While another said: “It’s spider poo after they’ve eaten flies. I get it on my window sill.Others said it could have been fly poo” while one user was adamant, it was “spider poo for defs”.

What is the professionals’ viewpoint ?

Different sources suggest that spiders usually do not leave solid droppings. Instead, their excrement is thick and liquid, looking like dark ink stains on walls and surfaces.

Spider droppings are not solid. Instead, they look like dark stains or drips on walls and surfaces. The appearance of the droppings can vary depending on the spider species, which can make it difficult for someone without training to identify them.

Spider waste usually gathers under their webs, especially in corners with cobwebs on walls. Because spiders prefer dark and quiet spots, their droppings can be found in different areas. The droppings are small, about the size of a pinhead, and come in different shades of white, black, gray, or brown.

Is spider poo dangerous to handle?

Spider droppings may not spread diseases, but it’s best to be careful and treat them as if they could be harmful. Research shows that diseases eaten by spiders usually don’t get passed on through their poop.

However, it is crucial to be careful and wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after touching spider droppings. It is easier to clean fresh droppings, but dried ones may need more effort to remove and could leave yellow stains behind.

It is important to understand that cleaning spider droppings does not get rid of the spiders themselves. To stop the droppings from coming back, it is necessary to take action against these creatures. Keeping a clean environment and getting rid of any spider webs you find is a good first step. There are also products that can help with infestations, and professional pest control services are well-prepared to deal with these situations.

source used – A-Z Animals

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