If You See This Hanging in A Hotel Room or Public Bathroom Call 911 Immediately.

Coat hooks are often used for hanging clothes and accessories, but hidden cameras have been found in public restrooms and other places that look like coat hooks. These secret cameras are meant to record people without their knowledge, which is a big privacy issue.

Hidden cameras camouflaged as coat hooks have been discovered in different locations like bathrooms and changing rooms. Some were even found in women’s restrooms, causing concerns about privacy breaches.

It can be difficult to detect these hidden cameras since they often look like regular plastic coat hooks with small openings acting as lenses. Some may even have a button on the side to activate the motion sensor. While a few of these devices may have visible lights, others are harder to notice and find.

It is important to stay alert and inspect coat hooks that appear suspicious, particularly in places where privacy is anticipated. If you come across anything out of the ordinary, it is recommended to inform the authorities to guarantee the safety and privacy of individuals using the facilities.


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