If You See A Plastic Bottle On Your Tire, Pay Close Attention.

The rising expenses and constant work demands are just a couple of the challenges that come with today’s lifestyle.

Despite the numerous demands on our time and energy, it is crucial that we always remember the importance of safeguarding ourselves, especially in situations where the consequences of inaction could be catastrophic.

If you find a plastic bottle stuck between your car tire and frame, it’s important to be alert and take immediate action. In such emergencies, dial 911 without delay.

To discover the reason, read on…

Thieves these days are becoming more and more inventive. In fact, they have come up with a new approach to stealing cars that is causing concern worldwide!

Car thieves have found a sneaky way to steal cars using a simple and discreet signal.

This method has rapidly become popular, with instances also happening in the United States, even though it was first documented in Limpopo, South Africa.

Here’s how the plan works: when a potential carjacker selects a target, they “mark” the car by putting a water bottle on one of its wheels.

MotorBiscuit suggests placing the bottle on the wheel of the front passenger side to conceal it from the driver when entering your car.

The driver starts to accelerate the vehicle, and an unsettling crackling sound comes from the empty plastic bottle.

After a collision, the majority of drivers would promptly stop their vehicle to investigate the cause.

The perfect moment for the car thief to act is now.

Car thieves can quickly take a vehicle and drive away with the owner’s belongings if they enter while the engine is on.

Alternatively, the thief may seize the chance to sneak into the car and escape with any valuable items, like a forgotten phone or wallet.

Getting out of the car to find where the noise is coming from can be dangerous for the driver in any situation.

Before you start driving, quickly inspect your wheels to stay safe from potential dangers, advises Michigan radio station WCRZ.

Make sure everything is where it should be. If you find a water bottle wedged between the tire and the frame, be cautious as a potential thief might be observing you.

You can discreetly dial 911 to inform the authorities about the situation and express your concerns for your safety.

To get a fast reply, make sure to mention your location and the type of car you have.

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