If you have these cupboards above your fridge, you had better know what they’re used for.

Most people have different preferences when it comes to the ideal home. However, one thing that I believe many people choose is a large kitchen that can accommodate all the necessary appliances like a coffee maker, an air fryer, and various other kitchen gadgets that make our daily lives easier.

No matter how tiny the kitchen is, a skilled interior designer or a quick search on Pinterest can provide numerous ideas on how to make the most of the space.

Some people have cabinets above their fridge that may seem hard to reach, but they can actually be useful for storing items not used daily.

Here are a few ideas that you might enjoy…

Storage area for rarely used kitchen tools.

These cupboards could be an ideal spot to keep kitchen appliances like blenders, food processors, or waffle makers that are not used on a daily basis.

Canned goods and baking necessities.

Canned food is amazing because it stays fresh for a long time. If you store your cans in the cabinets above the fridge and forget about them, they will still be perfectly good to eat.

Recipe books.

The upper section of the cupboard is ideal for storing cookbooks. Many of us have memorized the ingredients and measurements of our favorite dishes, so we rarely need to refer to the cookbooks.

Grocery staples and seasonings.

You can also find suitable items in your pantry to store in the cupboard, just like canned foods. Another option is to get a small spice rack and keep your cooking spices up there.

Dishcloths for the kitchen.

It’s a good idea to store some of these kitchen towels in the cupboards since they usually come in bulk.

Fine china

What about the plates or sets of cutlery reserved for special occasions? It really makes sense to keep them above the fridge because that’s a safe place children can’t reach.

It is recommended to use a stool or ladder for safety when accessing these cupboards.

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