I pushed my spouse out of bed to stop what I believed was snoring.

Lisa Lee, a 25-year-old woman, told Metro a heartbreaking tale.

While sleeping beside her husband one night, she was awakened by what she thought was snoring. Her husband, Lewis Little, who was 25 years old, rarely snored. To try and make him stop, she gently nudged him.

“I thought he was snoring, so I pushed him out of bed to stop. But when I felt the sheet was wet, I realized something was wrong. I turned on the light and looked at his bruised face because he couldn’t breathe. I called the ambulance, but until it arrived, it seemed as if an eternity had passed,” Lisa shared.

The doctors informed the distraught woman that her husband had passed away a few hours ago when the ambulance finally arrived.

She refused to accept it because she was certain she heard him snoring. They clarified that the noise she thought was snoring was actually the air leaving his body and hitting his vocal cords.

Lisa knew her husband had Brugada syndrome, a rare heart condition that affects heart rhythm and is usually inherited. Despite the potential danger, Lewis was reassured that he would live a long life and was not in immediate danger.

He died one year after receiving the diagnosis.

We deeply apologize for this loss. May he find eternal peace.

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