I Never Understood What This Loop On Your Shirt Was For Until They Showed Me

Have you ever noticed the loop at the back of some of your clothes? Men’s dress shirts often have this loop. Interestingly, this loop has a potential use that you might not have known until now. Shirts with buttons down are usually worn in a casual manner.

When combined with the right jeans and accessories, it can be worn as an elegant item. For people who go to the gym often, a small loop was added at the back. Instead of looking for a wardrobe or ensuring there’s a place to keep the shirt before going somewhere other than home, it becomes easy to take off and hang the shirt.

The loop has another use, which is to show if someone is in a relationship or not. If the loop is taken off the shirt, it means that the person is committed and doesn’t need to hang their clothes anywhere else. Nowadays, the loop is just an extra piece of fabric sewn into clothes, so its original meaning is no longer there.

American fashion has undergone significant transformations in the last century, and it’s often enjoyable to reminisce and explore the past. Interestingly, some aspects have remained unchanged throughout the years.

Men’s clothing is particularly relevant to this. One thing that is definitely true but not obvious is the loop on the back of the shirt. It can be found on the middle yoke and challenges you to either grab it or spin the t-shirt around your finger.

The loops sewn onto button-down and oxford t-shirts are commonly known as “fairy loops” or “locker loops”. They serve the purpose of hanging the t-shirts. It is believed that American sailors used these loops to hang their t-shirts while on ships.

In the end, they became a standard component of “preppy” gear worn by college students in the 1960s as part of mainstream menswear. This button-down is said to have originated on Ivy League yards across the country, according to clothing manufacturer Gant. The man who started the company first offered Yale’s search for male trainees the t-shirt design, and eventually, word got out.

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