I Drank Banana Juice And My Sleep Changed Forever.

There are two kinds of individuals in the world: those who adore bananas and those who despise them. No matter which category you fall into, you will definitely appreciate the advantages of consuming banana juice.

It’s easy to do and you might even like the flavor. If you have problems like anxiety, stress, and trouble sleeping, this is the one for you.

Have you ever found yourself lying awake in bed at night, pondering over the various challenges you face in life? Not only does it disrupt your sleep, but it can also negatively impact your overall well-being.

Establishing this easy routine can truly have a positive impact on your life. It aids in calming your mind and can prevent the need for artificial sleep aids.

Simply prepare banana tea, which can be done quickly in just a few minutes. This natural sleep remedy offers a tasty banana taste.

Banana peels contain magnesium and potassium, which contribute to its effectiveness. Magnesium aids in promoting uninterrupted sleep, while both minerals help to relax the muscles.

To benefit from this, you must opt for organic bananas. This is particularly important for the banana peel as we encourage you to consume it.

In just 15 minutes, you can make this recipe:

You will need:

  • 1 organic banana
  • A small saucepan of water
  • A dash of cinnamon (optional)

First, peel the banana and cut off both ends. Then, place it in boiling water and cook for about ten minutes.

Next, use a sieve to pour the water into a mug. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can add some cinnamon to the tea. Drink it one hour before going to bed.

After making the tea, you can also sprinkle some cinnamon over the fruit and enjoy it as a tasty snack.

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