Horse gives birth to rare foal – you won’t believe the markings on her face.

The horse-breeding couple considered their new animal addition to be exceptionally special, although all animals are beautiful.

Scott and Jackie Nelson were amazed when they laid eyes on Coconut, the horse born in Melbourne, Florida.

They had to capture her beauty when she was only two days old so that the rest of the world could see it. Now, more than 3 million people have been amazed by how unique she is.

The pair, who raise horses at a ranch named Down Under Colour, captured footage of her outdoors for the initial time when she was only two years old.

Coconut, the horse, has unique markings that are very rare. She is also referred to as a War Horse on YouTube. In Native American culture, this horse held great significance and was ridden by the chief or the medicine man, who were respected leaders and spiritual guides.

War Horses must have a chest shield and one blue eye with liner around it to qualify.

The YouTube description explains that in Indian Mythology, there is a Sky Eye which is considered special. When the Chief or Medicine Man dies in battle, their spirits are carried to the Gods by this one blue sky eye.

Watch Coconut in action in the video clip provided below.

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