Horrifying Last Moments Of Mum Eaten Alive By Safari Park Tiger After Coming To Her Daughter’s Rescue.

In 2016, a video showing the last moments of a mother’s life before being attacked by a tiger shocked people on social media around the world.

The woman, her daughter, and other family members were driving in their own car at Beijing’s Badaling Wildlife World. Prior to entering the park, they were required to sign an agreement stating that they would not exit the vehicle due to the potential dangers of wandering around an animal’s habitat.

After getting carsick, Zhao, the daughter, exited the vehicle. In the chilling video that surfaced, she was shown making sure she wasn’t causing a traffic jam.

After getting out of her car, Zhao was suddenly ambushed by a Siberian tiger that pounced on her. The tiger dragged Zhao to the bushes, causing her family to rush to her aid. Tragically, while her mother attempted to rescue her, another tiger attacked and killed her in front of everyone at the park.

Zhao, the daughter, sustained severe injuries but miraculously survived the assault by the wild animal.

Zhao argued that the park did not inform them about the actual risks and believed that the document she signed was just a registration form. She and her family filed a lawsuit against the park for the death of her mother, stating that they were unaware of the dangers and that a park official nearby had neglected to help them.

The Yanqing District authorities released a report clarifying that the woman’s unfortunate demise was not classified as an ‘industry security accident’, absolving the park of any responsibility.

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