High school girls leave audience surprised with an unexpected twist!

Houston, Texas once again became the center of attention for dance enthusiasts. The ‘Crowd Pleasers Dance Competition’ showcased some truly outstanding and awe-inspiring dance routines. The event successfully fulfilled its main goal of supporting and motivating the competitors while delivering an exceptional show for the audience. Undoubtedly, the competition provided top-notch entertainment for all those who attended.

The competition would not have been as successful without the participation of Southlake Carroll Varsity Emerald Belles. Their performance left everyone speechless and their dance received cheers from the crowd. Once again, they showcased their magnificent skills, amazing everyone with their aesthetic talents and sophisticated moves.


The Emerald Belles began their performance with ‘Sweet Dreams’ playing softly in the background. They gracefully took their positions and skillfully executed their well-planned act, captivating the audience with their charisma and talent. The crowd was left in awe, giving the Emerald Belles well-deserved praise.


The Emerald Belles are famous for their outstanding and consistently successful performances. With two decades of experience, they have impressed countless individuals. Led by Melissa Page, the team has showcased their artistic abilities in a variety of shows, including the Dallas Mavericks halftime show, Fiesta Texas, Disney World, and the Carnival Cruise Line. Their entertainment never fails to captivate us!


The Emerald Belle’s dedication over the last twenty years has finally been rewarded. They achieved victory in three different categories at the Fort Worth competition. Furthermore, they claimed the top spot at the Crowd Pleasers Dance Area Competition. To top it off, they were named the Best Dance Team by the Dallas Cheerleaders! We look forward to seeing more accolades in their future. They truly deserve it!

Watch the video and be amazed by their performance in Houston. They are fantastic!

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