Here’s why you should mix your citrus peels in a bottle with vinegar for the ultimate cleaning solution.

If your home is similar to mine, you may find yourself tossing a bag of orange peels in the trash each week.

My kids consume many oranges, and I frequently include lemons in my cooking, leading to an abundance of citrus peel that made me think of other ways to use it.

My search for information led me to the usual destination – the internet. Amid the vast array of random videos and ‘life hack articles’, I discovered the answer to my query. If you frequently use orange and lemon peels, continue reading for a valuable tip…

Citrus fruits have many uses beyond making juice and attracting wasps in the summer. Surprisingly, the peels of oranges, lemons, and similar fruits can be utilized as a cost-effective and essential component in a highly efficient homemade cleaning solution.

To make the solution, gather orange and lemon peels along with a bottle of vinegar. Just follow these easy steps to create a mixture that effectively fights dirt and smells amazing:

  • 1: Collect your citrus peels until you have a sufficient amount to fill a medium-sized container halfway.
  • 2: Fill your container, whether it’s a bottle or jar, halfway with the peels.
  • 3: Ensure the peels are fully covered by pouring vinegar into the container.
  • 4: Allow the blend to rest for one to two weeks to let the peels and vinegar blend together, aiding in the extraction of the natural oils from the peels.
  • 5: Once you’re prepared, take a strainer and utilize it to remove the peels from your body.

After completing the steps mentioned earlier, you will have a citrus-based cleaning solution ready to use in different parts of your house such as the kitchen (it will effectively remove grease and dirt), bathroom, windows, and mirrors.

Want proof? Test it out and see the results. This blend not only guarantees a clean surface, but also leaves a pleasant scent!

Have you heard of this home trick? Share with us in the comments if you’ve given it a try.

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