Here’s why it can be a good idea to carry a potato in your car.

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Do any of you keep a potato in your car? Or maybe your spouse does?

Sorry for the sudden change in topic, but everything will make sense soon.

Potatoes have been a highly versatile food for many years. However, there are other lesser-known uses for potatoes that are not widely advertised.

One way they can be extremely helpful is when you and your family are on a car trip, as they can actually save lives.Yes, we understand it may sound exaggerated, over-the-top, a bit enthusiastic perhaps… but it’s accurate.

Potatoes can be useful when dealing with a common and difficult driving situation: a foggy windshield.

We’ve all experienced it: you’re driving on the highway and suddenly your windows start fogging up, making it difficult to see and causing a momentary panic about what to do next.

Potatoes are useful in this situation. According to reports, you only require a raw potato that has been cut in half. Simply rub the inside of the potato on your vehicle’s windows and windshield. This will allow the natural oils from the potato to form a protective layer on the glass, preventing condensation and fogging.

Driving in low visibility is risky and should be avoided. Before a long drive, consider using a potato as a simple and inexpensive home remedy. Have you heard of this tip before? If not, share your thoughts in the comments below.

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