Her pic wearing a bikini on the beach is being shared bu thousands and when the camera zooms out we understand why.

In 2012, Aimee Copeland was a 24-year-old graduate student at The University of Georgia.

She chose to take a break with her friends that year, savoring the final weeks before graduation.

They made a plan to visit a small lake and zipline over the water. The adventurous friends were eager to give it a go.

Aimee had no idea that her life would be forever changed by that moment. A zipline is a long wire high up in the air that offers breathtaking views below. Usually, it is very safe.

However, when it was Aimee’s turn, something went terribly awry. The cable unexpectedly broke, causing Aimee to plummet towards a cliff… and unfortunately, she lost her leg that very day.

Aimee was brought to the hospital, but the sorrow didn’t end there.

Doctors discovered that the situation was far more severe. The wound had been contaminated by flesh-eating bacteria, putting the 24-year-old at risk of losing their life.

The woman’s leg was deeply cut when she fell, and it got infected with Aeromonas hydrophila bacteria, resulting in necrotizing fasciitis, also known as flesh-eating disease.

Aimee faced 11 surgeries and a challenging recovery, but fortunately, she triumphed and overcame it. However, she had to undergo amputation of both her hands and legs.

Gradually, Aimee adjusted to her new life. Now, four years after the accident, her image as a fighter was going viral on social media, motivating countless people online.

Aimee is confidently displaying her body on the beach in a bikini, embracing her scars and missing limbs.

It took me a while to feel at ease and embrace my new body. We all have imperfections, and there is beauty in our flaws. Scars and skin grafting add character! It’s not about what you possess, but how you make the most of what you have that truly matters.

In 2023, Aimee Copeland advocates for amputee and disability rights, inspiring others with her speeches and social media presence.

Aimee is also working towards a PhD in psychology at the University of West Georgia, alongside her advocacy efforts.

Aimee, you are such a brave and inspiring woman! Share your story with your loved ones on Facebook to show how courageous you are.

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