Her Husband Faints During Childbirth, She Takes A Selfie To Immortalize That Moment.

Every parent remembers the moment of birth with emotion, happiness, and perhaps a hint of nostalgia. It is absolutely normal and understandable, given that, in those moments, something very special is really happening with the coming into the world of a new life. And while the experience of childbirth may not always be simple for a woman, it is equally valid that not all men are ready and prepared to witness the birth of their child.

The husband we are about to tell you about knows something about it, who, perhaps a little too courageously, decided that he would attend his wife’s birth. Why a little too bravely? Simple: that intense moment, judging by the photo shared by the woman and which then went around the web, was really “too much” for him!

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We know: in the era of social media, in which we all always have a mobile phone at hand to take photos and we are connected at all times with the rest of the world, every particular occasion or scene we experience is good for sharing and making ourselves known. It’s no surprise, therefore, that a new mother decided to take a selfie when her husband, after seeing her give birth, couldn’t handle the scene and sensationally passed out on the floor of the hospital room.

That’s right although the man had wanted to assist in a decisive and convincing way, he certainly would have done better to avoid it. He was certainly not the first father to have made such a choice, but, in light of what happened, his outburst of courage did him no good. On the contrary: his reaction became famous all over the web precisely because his wife, amused by what was happening, took her cell phone and took a photo of herself, in which her spouse can clearly be seen lying on the ground, unconscious and surrounded by doctors trying to revive him while holding the child in their arms.

Maxpixel – Not the actual photo

Maybe Mom already knew what was going to happen at that moment, and that’s why she decided to laugh at it. We can’t know. Certainly not everyone, in that situation, would have had the clarity to take a selfie. The man evidently didn’t know what he was getting into and so, a gesture that was supposed to be of closeness, was transformed into a small-big moment to remember… or to forget?

Even a reaction like the one man had, in fact, is quite normal and understandable, and with excellent probability it occurs much more often than we think. The photo shared by the woman on Reddit, in any case, attracted hundreds of comments and reactions from users. Next time that dad – and perhaps many others – better think twice before attending!

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