Her Fiancé Had A Child That Interrupted The Wedding In An Odd Way.

Getting married is a significant day in our lives. We spend months preparing to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Joshua Newville is well aware that surprises can happen at any event.

Joshua was prepared to marry Emily Leehan, even though it wasn’t his first marriage. He had been married before and had a son named Gage, who was present at the wedding.

Joshua and Emily, both serving in the US military, experienced a heartwarming moment during their vow exchange that deeply moved everyone present at the event.

Gauge observed as he suddenly began crying and rushed over to embrace his new stepmother. It was evident that he was overwhelmed with emotions, and it was clear that this gesture held great significance for him.

Emily said, “I want you to stay safe and always strive to be kind. You are a special boy and have helped shape me into the person I am today. Even though I didn’t give birth to you, you are a precious gift in my life.”

Gauge was brought to tears after speaking. His father attempted to console him, but it was only her comfort that could soothe him.

The event will be unforgettable for all who were there. You’ll also remember it because of the pictures and the viral story.

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