Heineken Unveils A Smart Robot That Follows You Everywhere, Bringing Cold Beers.

Technological development has now accustomed us to all sorts of items or gadgets. We are literally surrounded by gadgets that can be useful but also incredibly extravagant. The one that we are going to tell you about is going to be destined to get a lot of talks, not only because it has been presented by a company known all over the world, but also because it could meet the needs and tastes of many people, especially on hot summer days.

If you’re a beer lover and like to enjoy it chilled when the heat is at its peak, you may have found the perfect tech accessory here. Based on the principle that we must drink it responsibly, know that there is a real robotic refrigerator, equipped with artificial intelligence, able to follow us everywhere, keeping our beers cool.


image credit: Heineken BOT

Saying ” Heineken ” is like saying “beer”, as the drink produced by this Dutch brand is known and widespread, with its famous green color and a red star. Who better than the famous brewery could think of the needs of beer lovers? Here is BOT , or “Beer Outdoor Transporter”, an intelligent robot equipped with cameras, motion sensors and above all the space necessary to contain ice cubes, cans, and beer bottles in quantity.


image credit: Heineken BOT

It is certain that such an invention could make many people happy, especially when the heat becomes so hot and unbearable that there seems to be no other alternative but to enjoy a cold drink.


image credit: Heineken BOT

BOT can follow us, can keep up to 12 beers cool, and is skilled enough to avoid obstacles he finds in his way.


image credit: Heineken BOT

For now, this little robot is clearly a clever marketing project , which, in Heineken’s sights, is sure to draw attention to the brand and benefit the sales of this beer.


image credit: Heineken BOT

However, we are sure that many are already hoping that BOT production will become the norm. We just have to wait, recommending everyone not to abuse it, because alcohol consumption can be harmful to health.

source used: Heineken BOT

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