He Buys An Old House, But Inside He Finds Something Totally Unexpected

When you buy an old house , where other people lived before us, it is possible to find something that belonged to the previous owners. In the case we are about to talk about, however, the discovery made by the new tenant has drastically changed the beginning of her new life in the home.

The note found by the new tenant: a message from the previous owners


When you enter a home for the first time that belonged to someone else before us, it is common to find some legacy, whether voluntary or not. The previous tenants may have forgotten something in the drawers or wardrobes, or deliberately chosen not to take everything away, leaving behind superfluous or “bulky” things . It often happens that we hear stories of people who, once they enter an old apartment, make unexpected discoveries .

Sometimes they can be real treasures , but in this case it is not something material : Miranda, the protagonist of this story, found a message left by the old owners of the house in Washington , USA, which she had just purchased. In the note, positioned so as to be noticed immediately after crossing the threshold, was a written request to take care of someone left in the house: an elderly cat .

The owners, in their heartfelt message, explained that the feline was 12 years old and that it had lived in the courtyard of the house all its life . Although he was therefore a stray , he was used to receiving food every day from his family, to whom he went daily in search of something to eat.

The cat had been injured recently, which made it quite difficult for him to get food on his own. The old owners therefore asked the new tenant to take care of the elderly animal. For the woman this did not represent a problem at all , quite the opposite: she already had five cats with her, all adopted after saving them from the streets. Raz, therefore, couldn’t have had better luck than that. Miranda, thrilled by her unexpected surprise, had no choice but to choose a name for her new friend.

An unexpected discovery: Raz and Miranda’s new life

After approaching him and getting to know him , his choice fell on the name Raz . It didn’t take her and the feline long to get on well and establish a relationship of mutual trust : although the cat was wary, he slowly understood Miranda’s good intentions , becoming attached to her presence.

As the days went by, he also learned to live with his new housemates, the woman’s other five cats, with whom he began to spend his time . However, Raz couldn’t let go of the wild nature of him.

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The fact that a person had been kind to him gradually contributed to lowering his defenses , cultivated during a long life on the streets, where a caress was not contemplated. Despite this, however, he hardly allows her to be picked up and  keeps a certain distance, but does not run away from her. Deep down, he has understood that he has nothing to fear : in Miranda’s house he will always find not only good food, but also lots of love .

For the woman it was a real joy to find an unexpected tenant waiting for her, but even Raz couldn’t hope for a better new landlady , don’t you think?

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