Have You Ever Wondered How Myopic People See? An Artist Shows It To Us With 11 Of His Paintings.

The world around us is not static but in constant movement, to be able to understand it we need to look at it very carefully and analyze it, but often all this is not enough and it becomes necessary to change perspective from time to time, in order to better understand the surrounding reality . This is also supported by the protagonist of the film ” L’Attimo Fuggente ” who believes, from time to time, it is necessary ” to look at things from different angles ” only in this way the world will appear different. Perhaps this is the admonition that prompted the South African artist Philip Barlow to insert a different perspective in his paintings, that is, to show how myopic people look when they take off their glasses

1. Day at the beach with friends

Only three figures are seen who appear to be chatting on the beach and what may be a ship in the background.

In an era in which all images are defined to the maximum, but above all in which a certain visual perfection is sought , this artist has decided to move against the current, and use a ” blurred ” style for his paintings, thus forcing, the observer to linger longer, in a more attentive , and also constructive way.

2. City seen at night

The viewer does not have all the information , he must be able to reconstruct it, just like a short-sighted person does when he observes the world without the filter of his lenses . Philip developed his own style by dedicating himself to murals, pastel and charcoal portraits, watercolor drawings, pen and ink. After a few years of apprenticeship, however, he managed to find his voice and his philosophy. Here are some of his paintings that show what his idea of ​​art is.

3. People by the sea

short-sighted person cannot clearly distinguish the contours, so much so that some clearly separated figures get confused  with each other.

4. Little girl with glasses

5. Estate

A simple summer portrait , showing a boy trying to take a bath .

6. Cars in the distance

When there are lights, a short-sighted person sees nothing but shaded circles, without however being able to make a clear distinction .

7. The crowded beach

jumble of indistinct figures.

8. Observe people walking down the street

9. A glimpse of the Everard Read art gallery in Cape Town

10. “My City in November”

11. A family on the shoreline

” I want to depict a less ordinary landscape ; where the line between the physical and spiritual realms has seemingly been blurred. However, these sceneries are not meant to be surreal in nature . We hope they seem curiously familiar and compelling .”

Have you ever wondered how myopic people see ? Here is the answer, what do you think?

via philipbarlow/Instagram

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