Haters Trash Young Bride On TikTok For Making Her Own Wedding Cake The Night Before The Wedding.

Preparing for a wedding can be quite challenging. It is a significant day in our lives, and there are numerous tasks to take care of.

It’s worth mentioning that weddings have become more significant in recent years. In the past, people didn’t spend as much money on weddings to the point of needing to mortgage their house, but now it’s common to see extravagant events.

Version 1: Regardless of the various types of weddings, one thing is certain. The bride will experience some level of stress during the wedding.

Laura, who frequently uploads videos on TikTok, wanted to update her followers on her wedding preparations. Just 12 hours before the ceremony, she was busy baking her wedding cake.


Not sure if making my wedding cake at midnight the night before my wedding was the best idea 😅🤪💋

♬ Bad Habits – Ed Sheeran

In her video introduction, she addressed her 80,000+ followers and mentioned her upcoming DIY project. She displayed a basic cake mix and cream icing that she planned to combine, adding sprinkles to make the treat.

She wasn’t certain if baking her wedding cake at midnight the night before her wedding was a good decision. She then smiled as she began creating the cake.

Naturally, there was a cake topper that said The Saxes. Some viewers loved it, while others criticized her actions.

@darlinggoose “You’re not making a sprinkle cake for your wedding, that must be a joke” shoutout to my photographer, Kim for slaying 😫💥❤️ #weddingdiy #diyweddingcake #sprinklecake ♬ Ms. Jackson – Outkast

It is crucial to mention that the wedding belongs to her and she had the freedom to organize it as she desired. Although some individuals criticized her online, I am confident that the day unfolded exactly as she had envisioned.

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