Guy Paints Over Ugly Graffiti Tags To Make It Legible.

Graffiti tags are a joy to a few people and an eyesore to others and it’s almost impossible to fight them. French artist Mathieu Tremblin has come up with a rather unusual plan knowing that full well. He decided to rewrite them in legible letters instead of just painting over them.

Tremblin began working with street art after graduating from the University of fine arts. The artist was exploring the street culture from urban interventions to graffiti painting and figuring out how it works and what fuels people who take part in it.

That’s how he started the Tag Clouds project: Tremblin describes his project, “Tag Clouds principle is to replace the all-over of graffiti calligraphy by readable translations like the clouds of keywords which can be found on the Internet. It shows the analogy between a physical tag and a virtual tag, both in the form (tagged walls compositions look the same as tag clouds), and in substance (like keywords which are markers of net surfing, graffiti are markers of urban drifting).”









More info: | (h/t: boredpanda)

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