‘Guests are stunned, the groom’s mom is enjoying her time’, The video that is definitely worth watching!

During these challenging months of the pandemic, one thing I truly long for is attending weddings. I mean, who wouldn’t want to celebrate the happiness of two individuals who have found love and chosen to be together forever?

I long for the music, the joy, and the company of loved ones who come together to celebrate the special event. But for now, amidst this chaos, all we can do is reminisce and look at pictures and videos from the days when we didn’t have to keep our distance from each other.

The video provided serves as a gentle reminder of all the things we overlooked prior to the arrival of 2020.

This wedding video is truly beautiful because it captures the groom and his mom dancing on the floor. Normally, we see the bride and her father dancing at weddings, but this is a refreshing change that we adore.

Gabe Helguera should feel proud of his mom, Susan, who does an amazing job keeping up with him. They showcase their impressive dance skills on the popular song “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson. However, as the song progresses, we realize it’s a special medley, which was Susan’s idea.

Check it out below and have fun!

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