Greasy and greasy dirt on your kitchen cabinets? Get them looking like new again with simple DIY methods.

It is inevitable that, from time to time, a film of dirt deposits on the doors and external surfaces of kitchen furniture, especially on the wall units around the stove and oven appears as greasy or greasy dirt. It is a phenomenon due to all the cooking vapors, but also real splashes of oil or various sauces, which come from the food being cooked.

And since perhaps cleaning the cupboards is not always included in the weekly cleaning routine, sometimes you find yourself having to deal with a really thorough cleaning. Considering that kitchen furniture is often made of wood, perhaps even lacquered, it is best to use the right methods, which are effective but not too aggressive.

  • Baking soda: take a bowl or a spray bottle into which you can pour half a liter of warm water (even better if distilled) and then add half a glass of baking soda. Mix so that it dissolves well and then spray the product onto a soft cloth or sponge, dip these into the mixture, then rub gently on the furniture.
  • Toothpaste: squeeze a bit (it must be simple, white paste and without gel or micro granules) onto a sponge that you have soaked (and then wrung out) in warm water, and rub it on the places where the most grease and greasy dirt accumulates. You can also use water and a touch of bicarbonate to rinse, using a soft cloth.
  • Dish soap: pour a few drops into a bucket of hot water and mix to emulsify well, then dip the cloth or sponge and pass it over the doors after wringing it out a little. Likewise, you can use Marseille soap.
  • White vinegar is effective but also quite aggressive on wood, so avoid it in the case of lacquered or more delicate finishes and use it when other solutions are not satisfactory (but sometimes you just need to try them several times) To use vinegar, you must dilute 150 or 200 ml of it in half a liter of warm water, and wipe it over the furniture with a sponge or soft cloth.

In any case, always keep extra cloths ready to rinse and above all dry thoroughly as soon as you finish treating every single surface.

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