Grandmother with entire body covered in tattoos reveals what she looked like decade ago.

Some individuals enjoy getting tattoos to show their uniqueness, while others strongly oppose them. Kerstin Tristan used to be against tattoos until 2015 when her perspective shifted completely.

Keep on reading to learn more about her experience.

Version 1: Kerstin Tristan, a 56-year-old woman, is not your typical grandmother. Alongside being a mother and grandmother, she has a unique interest in body modification art, particularly tattoos.

Version 1: Her body is now fully covered in tattoos, which required a significant amount of money. Surprisingly, she used to dislike tattoos until 2015. However, everything changed when she got her first tattoo that year, completely altering her perspective on them.

“I simply just wanted to try something new. We all live just once, and I thought that at my age, something real has to come,” she shared.

Since 2015, she spent around 30,000 euros (about US $32,000) solely on getting tattoos. Fortunately, she received plenty of attention and love for her choices.

She has more than 190,000 followers on Instagram, and her TikTok videos have received millions of views.

She confidently displays her appearance! On Instagram, she shares photos of herself flaunting her body. However, ten years ago, she had no tattoos and looked very different. Occasionally, she shares comparison pictures to show the significant transformation.

Master making a new tattoo with electric rotary machine in the studio. Close up photo of tattoo gun needle on human skin

The influencer from Germany has colorful rose tattoos on her legs, a leopard print tattoo on her shoulders, and many intricate portraits on her arms. These tattoos are just a few of the many others covering her body.

She loves how she looks now, saying, ‘”When I look at myself in the mirror, I see a beautiful meadow full of flowers that one has to love.”

And her look is adored by more than just her. One supporter penned, “A beautiful work of art.” While, another person wrote, “Wow stunning photo.”

It’s important to keep expressing yourself no matter how old you are. Kerstin shows us that age shouldn’t limit how we express ourselves. What are your thoughts on her tattoos? Share in the comments.

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