Furniture Store Offers Mattresses To Stray Dogs To Sleep On

For animal lovers, there are no limits when it comes to helping. And although we do not always have all the possibilities to help them to our measure, a simple gesture could change things a lot. Especially to those who must endure the indifference of the street. So the owner of a furniture store saw that his contribution to the street dogs was to lend him the mattresses from his store From him. So that, at night, they can sleep without feeling cold and are sheltered under a roof.

Istikbal Mobile is a business that sells items for the home, such as bedding, sofas, curtains, and just mattresses. And while it’s part of his merchandise, the store owner can’t watch homeless puppies get cold and decided to help out with whatever he had on hand . Thus, according to a witness who passes by the same place every day, the owner of the store took a mattress from his own store and put it on the outskirts . So that the stray dogs could take advantage and sleep there at night. « The owner puts one of the mattresses, protected by a plastic cover, in front of the store. They don’t put the mattresses on their horizontal side so the two stray dogs sleep there all the time ,” Cem Baykal said.

Thanks to this noble gesture, today dogs can rest without so much cold and discomfort at night, especially in winter . And although the witness assures that the dogs are well known in the area, no one had given them such a space to sleep. « This street is known as a rich area and everyone gives food or water to the local dogs and cats. But nobody provides them with quality bedding normally. This store does it ,” the man continued.

Thanks to the fact that this man shared the photographs on social networks, today thousands of people know about the silent solidarity action that the Istikbal Mobile store does for the stray dogs that roam the place.

Share with your friends and family this nice gesture of the owner of the furniture store. I wish more people would take these initiatives to help stray dogs.

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