Five Girls Pose For Prom Photo — Later It Goes Viral Due To Little Hidden Detail

Every teenager should treasure their prom night. Just like everyone else, these young girls were eagerly waiting for the special day and they decided to dress up accordingly.

Their pictures became extremely popular on the internet! Many people were amazed when they noticed a hidden detail. To discover why everyone is talking about it, continue reading!

It is well-known that high school students in the United States are usually younger than the legal drinking age of 21. However, some countries have lower age limits.

Even though the legal drinking age in the UK is 18, it is still not allowed to bring alcohol to school events where children might be present.

Chaperones at proms are trained to keep order and spot signs of intoxication to step in. Students sometimes find clever ways to sneak alcohol into school.

This picture shows the mischief college students can get up to. A senior prom girl hides a large flask under her shirt. How did she do it?

She used a big silver flask and made it look like a clutch bag! At first glance, you might think the silver clutch is her only accessory, but look closer!

Eleanor Clarke, a British student, found a way to have fun with her friends despite the rules.She carried what seemed like a metallic clutch and wore a beautiful outfit.

The big flask hidden in the clutch was soon discovered. She didn’t bother with a real bag because she knew she’d use it for liquids.

Eleanor, surprised that she had managed to do it, didn’t mention if she put alcohol in the clutch or not. “Still don’t know how I got away with a huge hip flask as my prom clutch,” she wrote on on X (previously Twitter).

Tiger was believed to be the reason behind her buying a $12 flask. She cleverly concealed it in a unique way, keeping it hidden until she revealed her secret on her own!

Eleanor and her friends are wished all the best as they move forward in life. Do you have a similar story to share?

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