Family finds abandoned cat on the street – look closer and realize it’s not a regular kitten.

This heartwarming story from 2016 is too adorable not to share. In Thailand, a little newborn kitten was spotted all alone, wandering the streets. A nearby family was out for a walk in the evening when they noticed the tiny creature on the road.

Upon further inspection, they realized that this cat was different from the rest because it didn’t get along with the other kittens. The family reached out to the Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT) for help, and a representative was quickly sent to assess the situation.

After conducting a detailed inquiry, the team concluded that this creature was a fishing cat, a special type of cat that is at risk of becoming extinct.

This wild feline loves the ocean and can grow twice as big as a regular cat. It has a strong passion for hunting and devouring fish, which is why it got its name.

The fishing cat, also known as Prionailurus viverrinus, is a medium-sized wild cat that can be located in South and Southeast Asia. It has been classified as Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List since 2016. The decline in wetlands poses a danger to fishing cat numbers, which have significantly dropped in the last decade. Fishing cats are mainly spotted in areas close to wetlands, such as swamps, mangroves, oxbow lakes, and beside rivers and streams.

Version 1: The family discovered the kitten shortly after it was born, as reported by WFFT. The experts from the organization were puzzled by the mother’s decision to leave her newborn in such an uncommon manner for the breed.

The special cat easily charmed the family, who were allowed to keep it temporarily. They decided to name him Simba. The cat clearly had a strong connection with the family.

The family kept a close eye on the kitten’s mother, expecting her to come back for her young at any time.

Unfortunately, it never happened.

The family raised Simba instead, who has now grown into a beautiful fisher cat.
Thankfully, Simba is currently healthy and alive, but it is important for him to continue growing.

Poaching and retaliatory killings were the primary causes of Thailand’s high 84% Fishing Cat mortality rate, as reported by the WFFT.
Therefore, Simba’s rescue and survival are not only remarkable, but also crucial for the preservation of his species.

You can watch a video featuring more rescued cats here. While they may not be fishers, they are still incredibly cute.

Animals, just like humans, are living beings, and their survival is crucial for the well-being of nature. If you concur, please consider spreading this tale!

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